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4 Fall Plantings for your NYC Rooftop, Terrace, or Balcony

As the weather starts to cool in New York City, you may be wondering how to keep your space feeling fresh, lively, and beautiful. These 4 fall plantings are perfect for your NYC rooftop, balcony, or terrace.

1. Mums

Let’s talk COLOR! Mums are a beautiful way to introduce bright, bold fall colors into your NYC garden. They’re easy to care for and look gorgeous when combined together. Plant your mums in container boxes or large pots to create a show-stopping fall garden display.

2. Asters

These star-shaped perennials are the perfect transitional fall annuals! Asters grow extremely well with the cooler, early fall temperatures. Because they grow at varying heights, they can be potted in containers, or in areas of your garden where you desire taller flowers for more privacy.

3. Ornamental Kale

Lush, leafy greenery truly never goes out of style. When transitioning your NYC outdoor space from Summer to Fall, we recommend adding ornamental kale and cabbage to any flower containers to create a diverse and luxurious fall display.

4. Pumpkins!

Need we say more? Pumpkins are the perfect way to add a rustic and festive feel to your outdoor terrace, balcony, or rooftop. The best part? They require little to no maintenance. Place them near container boxes or as outdoor table centerpieces for an easy decorative edition to your NYC garden.

Are you looking to brighten up your outdoor space with festive outdoor garden arrangements?

Bella Gardens is placing orders for Fall annuals!! You can order your's by contacting our team.

Email us to explore all of your fall options.


Want to learn more about fall plantings you can plant in your outdoor spaces?

We love the ideas shared at The Pioneer Woman’s blog. Check it out here for more inspiration!

Don't forget to share your favorite with us on Instagram!

Happy Fall,

The Bella Gardens Team

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