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5 Ways to Elevate Your NYC Space with Plants

5 Ways to Elevate Your NYC Space With Plants


We’ve all seen the beautifully designed interiors that have been so popular over the past few years—bright and airy open spaces with plants on every available surface, turning one’s home into a forest of relaxation. But in New York, the idea of “bright and airy” is almost a pipe dream.

You might be wondering how you can fill your space with plants if your apartment is already crowded with old New Yorker magazines and abandoned Metrocards. But we’re here to share with you 5 simple ways to elevate and open up your space, simply with house plants.

1. Plants and Mirrors

This life hack is well known to make any space feel larger and more open—put a large mirror at the end of the space! But adding a plant only expands how fresh the space will feel. Hang or tilt a large mirror near a surface on the far end of your room, then place a plant on the corner of the mirror.

The mirror will open up the space and enhance the apparent size of the plant, adding even more life and green to the plant. This is a great option if you have a mantle or shelf in your space, adding style and function.

2. Plants as Bookends

If you’re a bibliophile, you’ll love this idea. On a bookshelf, lay extra books flat and use them as a shelf for small plants or use plants as bookends to hold your favorite books. I recommend using a draping or hanging plant for this idea since they’ll eventually grow downwards and add depth and height to the bookcase without having to upgrade the size of the pot too frequently.

3. Hanging Plants and Terrariums

One of the most popular ways to include plants in a small space is to hang them from the ceiling! If you don’t have a ton of surface space, this is a great way to add greenery to a room. Plus, hanging plants offer a ton of options for containers, from DIY crochet hangers to more traditional hanging ceramic vessels. If you get ample light, try a more colorful array of florals in your hanging plants for extra vibrancy in your space.

4. Plants With Purpose

Alright, admittedly this one isn’t a true space-saver, but it is wildly versatile and will actually improve more than just your space. To make plants multi-functional, try adding plants into your space that are purposeful. For example, get a small basil plant or herb garden for your kitchen! You’d be shocked at how much better your food will be with herbs plucked straight from the vine. Or, if you aren’t a home chef, get an aloe plant to use as a natural addition to your skincare regimen for extra hydration.

5. Contrasting Greens

Add more dimension to your space with your plants by contrasting shades of green. If you stick to only dark green plants like focuses and snake plants, your space might feel flat. Try adding some variation by mixing some lighter greens, like aloe and hanging Ivy, to make your space seem multi-dimensional, more open, and extra vibrant.


For more information on house plants, see my interview with The Cooperational here.

There are so many simple ways to use house plants to brighten up your space. Imagine what is possible with your outdoor decor! Our specialists are ready to make your visions a reality.

Have other ideas or want to share how you used these tips for your space? Comment below!

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