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Plants for your health

Plants for personal health

How exposure to plants can help you stay healthy and happy


There is something undeniable about the positive effects that exposure to nature has on both our mental and physical wellbeing. Attribute it to what you will -- extra oxygen output, connection to our primal roots -- but it is a fact that plants can make us feel better. And especially in the time of pandemic, it is important to do everything we can to keep our bodies and minds working properly. Luckily, there are many ways to do this!

The first way to use plants for these benefits is to simply expose yourself to them in your living space!

Planting indoor plants is one great, social-distancing friendly way to do that.

Herbs, succulents, and common household flowers are all great choices for indoor growth.

Plants can help purify the air around you, as they provide slightly increased oxygenation in the air. Plus, exposure to colorful flowers can help stimulate the brain and increase dopamine output.

Not to mention, when you plant indoors you not only get the benefits of having plants around, you also can get a great feeling of fulfillment from caring for an indoor plant, just as you would taking care of a pet.


The next way plants can help improve your health is by consumption!

There are many founded studies on the traditional medicinal properties of common plants. This, of course, should be used in conjunction with responsible medical treatment, not as a replacement.

One great example of using plants in this manner is Turmeric Root.

Fresh turmeric is proven to calm inflammation.

Fresh mint is an amazing herb that aids in digestion and soothes stomach pains.

One of the best ways to consume these herbs is to make them into tea! Simply grind or press the herbs, let them steep in hot water, and strain.

Fresh aloe works as an amazing topical treatment to soothe sunburns and helps moisturize the skin. Fresh lavender can produce relaxing effects and improve sleep patterns. There are so many natural ways we can aid our bodies with plants!

Plants have been proven to boost mood, concentration (for those long days working from home), and immune systems.

They are a great way to bring some extra life into your world at home, and to ensure that you’re making the most out of your current lifestyle.

If you are looking for plants for local delivery in NYC, the Bella Gardens shop has a variety of potted plants and florals to liven up your home.


DISCLAIMER: Bella Gardens does not recommend using any of these plants to replace traditional healthcare. We are not affiliated with any health organizations. These recommendations are purely based on personal experience and research and are not approved by the FDA as medical treatment.

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