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Sending a meaningful message to Mom...

How using floriography can assist in choosing the perfect Mother’s Day gift

As Mother’s Day approaches, so do many of spring’s most beautiful flowers. We, as a society, have been giving flowers as gifts for years and years. They are classic, timeless, and beautiful. However, how do we know that we’re sending the right message with our bouquet?

The lost art of floriography, also known as the “language of flowers”, gives meanings to each type of flower. For example, a yellow rose might mean friendship or infidelity, whereas a pink rose could mean grace or devotion. So, this Mother’s Day, consider the following flowers (and their unique meanings) to ensure that you’re sending mom a gift that’s both beautiful and meaningful.

1. Orchid -- Refined Beauty

Tell mom that she is just as beautiful as ever with an ornate and delicate orchid.


2. Lilies -- Celebration and Enthusiasm

Celebrate Mom with by including the large blooming, fragrant lily flower in your floral gift.


3. Hyacinth-- Sincerity

After everything Mom has done for you, show mom you sincerely appreciate her with fragrant hyacinths


4. Daisies -- Childhood and Playfulness

What better way to honor Mom’s hard work raising you than with lovely daisies.


5. Red Rose -- Love

A timeless classic, you can’t go wrong with red roses to show Mom you love her.


A personal message adds to the meaning behind the flower choice. Bella Gardens can create the floral statement you want to make for Mom with a custom mix of flowers, or visit the Bella Gardens shop online to select one of our plants or floral arrangements for local delivery in NYC.

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