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The Bella Gardens Valentine’s Day Guide To Giving

Valentine's Day. For florists, it’s the busiest days of the year. For everybody else, it’s a day full of love and joy.

This year’s Valentine’s Day will of course be different. In the time of the pandemic, many couples are opting for a more intimate night at home to celebrate. Some are getting reservations at one of the many beautiful romantic outdoor dining spots that have taken over the city streets—and praying for a sunny February 14th in the meantime. Friends will end up celebrating as they have for many occasions this year, by toasting champagne on Zoom.

But regardless of how you choose to celebrate, there’s one aspect of Valentine’s Day that won't be stopped by the craziness of the last 12 months: Flowers.

Thinking of Valentine’s Day without flowers is almost impossible, especially in New York. Local bodegas line the streets with their displays, Duane Reade has mountains of chocolates and stuffed bears, all covered in images of roses and baby’s breath. For us here at Bella Gardens, we spend much of our time before this special day planning and curating the best possible arrangements that say anything from “I love you” to “Happy Galentine's Day!”

Today, I want to share with you all a helpful list of whom you can deliver flowers to this Valentine’s Day, and what kind of arrangement might be best for them.


For the new relationship...

The Flirt -- $85

Buying arrangements for a new partner isn’t the easiest thing in the world. You likely don’t know their flower preferences, their favorite colors, or their unique style yet. If this is the case, I always recommend going with tried and true classic arrangements. Try a natural looking arrangement with Valentine’s colors and sweet green or white accents.


For the long-term love...

The Lover -- $145

If you know your partner well, it’s a little bit easier to find a unique and special option for their flower arrangements. I always recommend starting with style. Is your partner more bohemian or traditional? Do they prefer modern city elements or classic country?

Once you decide what kind of arrangement they might like, you can go after other accents they might like, such as color or flower type. We have many styles available to you at Bella Gardens, and we are happy to try our best to accommodate any special requests if they are in the order notes.


For your galentine...

The Eloise -- $195

Here at Bella Gardens, we totally know that friendship is one of the most important parts of life. So we suggest sending flowers to any special friends in your life: the ones that always brighten your day and lift you up when you feel down. If this is the case this Valentine’s Day, we recommend going with a unique, non-traditional arrangement. Yellow roses in particular are a great choice, as they signify friendship and an everlasting bond! But other unique options, like a succulent garden are also great choices.


For your parents...

The Forevermore -- $95

Parents deserve a special Valentine’s Day too! There’s no better way to acknowledge the love and care they’ve shown you by giving them a special gesture of love back. We recommend giving your parents an arrangement that features classic elements and flowers but with unique coloring. Try a bouquet of white roses and greenery. After all, white flowers signify everlasting love, and what love is more everlasting than that of your parents?


Whoever you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with this year, and however you’re celebrating it, Bella Gardens is here to make your flower ordering easy and special. We’re always happy to answer any questions you might have regarding floral options and details, just contact us. We’re here to make this Valentine’s Day one to remember.

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